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About academic journals

Many academic journals are discipline-specific and aim to disseminate research and promote academic discussion among professionals within that discipline, e.g. The Australian Nursing Journal, Journal of Project Management, Journal of Clinical Psychology.

When you find a journal that is relevant to your area of research, it can be useful to search that journal for other articles.

Find the journal

Use Journal Title Search to find the journal and select a database that provides a good date range for articles.

Once you are in the Journal, look for a search box that allows you to search within the journal. Some databases provide this with a drop down or button that allows you to search either within the journal or the entire database. Other databases may provide an Advanced Search form that has a pre-filled row that will limit your search to a particular journal (see EBSCOhost example).

Search tips

Keep in mind that you may need to develop your vocabulary to ensure you are using the correct keywords for that discipline. Sometimes you can omit redundant keywords. For example, in a psychology journal you can search for the theory, treatment or diagnosis you need to research, without the need to use the word psychology.

Examples from different databases

Search within a journal through Discover

Search within a journal through EBSCO

Search within a Journal through Wiley

Search within a journal through APA PsycNet

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