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What is a journal?

Unlike a book, a journal is published at regular intervals (e.g. yearly, quarterly, monthly or weekly). The articles published in a journal are known as journal articles.  You may like to learn more about the difference between peer-reviewed journals and scholarly journals.

How to find a journal

  1. Go to the Library Website
  2. Select Journal Title Search
  3. Search for the journal title
  4. Select Check for availability
  5. Select the database with the appropriate year range
  6. On the journal homepage, browse through issues or search within the journal

Find a known Journal

Select Journal Titles from the library homepage

Enter the whole Journal Title and click Search

Click Online Access

Check the date ranges of the databases to determine what the library has access to. If you are looking for an specific article check the date range against the original date of publication for the article

On the Journal homepage you can browse through issues or search the journal

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