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Research skills tutorial

Activity 6 - Write and cite for academic success

In Activity 1 you identified the keywords from the assignment question.  Then you created a list of alternate words for each of your keywords.

In Activity 2 you combined your keywords and alternate words with a variety of search tools to create a meaningful search.

In Activity 3 you selected appropriate information sources for your different information needs.

In Activity 4 you found some journal articles that discuss specific arguments.

In Activity 5 you evaluated the information you found.

Now you are ready to write your answer to the assignment question, ensuring you correctly reference each source.


Part A

Why is it important to reference your sources of information?

  1. So you can find it again
  2. So other people can find the source when checking your references
  3. So your lecturer can confirm where you found the information
  4. To give credit to the original author of the information
  5. All of the above

Part B

What kind of source is this?

Gore, V (2013) 'The Importance of Cross-Cultural Communication', IUP Journal Of Soft Skills, 7 (1) pp. 59-65.

Part C

What kind of source is this?

Thiederman, SB (1991) Bridging cultural barriers for corporate success : how to manage the multicultural work force Lexington, Mass: Lexington Books.

 Check your answers


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