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Researcher Identifiers and your Online Research Profile

A guide to the various different researcher identifiers, and how to set up researcher identifiers, as well as managing your online research profile.

When to use these guidelines

The following information provides guidelines for integrating your ORCID outputs with the ARC RMS system.

Use the following information if you have:

  • already populated your ORCID profile with your publications, and
  • linked your ORCID to the ARC RMS system, and
  • you are having problems with display of your publications in RMS when "Preview citations in PDF".

The most likely cause is the citations in ORCID not being correct or are incomplete. This can be overcome in many instances with correctly formatting the BibTeX citation for each affected record in ORCID.

Note that the only publication categories accepted by RMS are:

  • Authored Book
  • Edited Book
  • Book Chapter
  • Refereed Journal Article
  • Fully Refereed Conference Proceedings
  • Additional Research Output

The category may be changed once in the RMS system.

How to edit the publication metadata in ORCID

1. Log into your ORCID account.

2. Search for the publication for which you wish to edit the citation.

3. To edit the metadata and citation, click on the Edit icon.

4. Scroll down to the CITATION section, and change the Citation Type to BibTeX

5. Correctly format a BibTeX citation using the templates below, and copy and paste this over the existing citation (if there is one) in ORCID. Edit the Work category and Work type if required.


6. Once you have entered all the desired information, click Save.

7. In the RMS system, refresh the ORCID record, and preview the citation as a PDF.

8. Depending on the Category that appears in RMS, you may need to edit the citation in RMS by clicking Details and changing the Category to the correct one.

BibTeX citation templates

The following templates can be used as a guide.  Note that any of the BibTeX fields in the table below can be added to the templates as required.

Enter the metadata field within the curly brackets, for example author={Owen, Rebecca}


@book{title= {}, author= {},url= {},publisher= {},address= {},isbn= {},year= {}}

Conference paper/proceedings

@inproceedings{author= {}, title= {}, booktitle= {}, publisher= {}, address= {}, year={}, pages= {}, ISBN= {}, type= {Conference Proceedings}}

  • required fields: author, title, booktitle, year
  • optional fields: editor, pages, organization, publisher, address, month, note, key

@techreport{author= {}, title= {}, publisher= {}, address= {}, ISBN= {}, year= {}}

Journal article

@article{author= {}, title= {}, journal= {}, volume= {}, number= {}, pages= {}, DOI= {}, url= {}, year= {}, type= {Journal Article}}

  • required fields: author, title, journal, year
  • optional fields: volume, number, pages, month, note key
Edited book

@editedbook{editor= {}, title= {}, publisher= {}, address= {}, ISBN= {}, year= {}, type= {Edited Book}}

  • you may need to manually edit the BibTeX citation in ORCID for this resource type 
Book chapter

@inbook{author= {}, title= {}, booktitle= {}, editor= {}, publisher= {}, address= {}, volume= {}, pages= {}, ISBN= {}, year= {}, type= {Book Section}}

  • required fields: author or editor, title, chapter and/or pages, publisher, year
  • optional fields: volume, series, address, edition, month, note, key
PhD Thesis

@phdthesis{author={}, title={}, school={}, year={}, type={phdthesis}

  • required fields: author, title, school, year
  • optional fields: address, month, note, key
Masters Thesis

@mastersthesis{author={}, title={}, school={}, year={}, type={mastersthesis}

  • required fields: author, title, school, year
  • optional fields: address, month, note, key

@misc{author={}, title={}, year={}, doi={}, note={}, type={misc}

  • required fields: none
  • optional fields: author, title, howpublished, month, year, note, key

The following BibTeX citation elements are permissible within the RMS system.

BibTeX field Limited to citation type Description
author   The name(s) of the author(s) (in the case of more than one author, separate by and)
editor   The name(s) of the editor(s) (in the case of more than one editor, separate by and)
year   The year of publication (or, if unpublished, the year of creation)
title   The title of the work
journal   The journal or magazine the work was published in
booktitle   The title of the book, if only part of it is being cited
edition   The edition of a book, long or short form (such as "1st", "2", "First" or "Second")
volume   The volume of a journal or multi-volume book
number   The "(issue) number" of a journal, magazine, or tech-report, if applicable
article-number   The "article number" of a journal, magazine, or tech-report, if applicable

Authored Book

Edited Book

Book Chapter

The publisher's name

Authored Book

Edited Book

Book Chapter

Publisher's address (usually just the city, but can be the full address for lesser-known publishers)
pages   Page numbers, separated either by commas or double-hyphens
doi   Digital Object Identifier
media Additional Research Output Media type of work
note Additional Research Output Miscellaneous extra information

Miscellaneous notes

  • RMS will not import records from ORCID unless they have:
    • a visibility setting of Everyone
    • either a citation or a DOI (or both).
  • RMS will not retrieve the title field from ORCID - the title must be in the citation text.
  • If an ORCID research output does not contain a citation but does contain a DOI, RMS will use the DOI to make a reasonable attempt to recover this information using available resources (such as CrossRef).
  • RMS is not able to prevent the import of duplicate records. Ensure that your ORCID profile does not have any duplicates, then select to only import the 'preferred source' into RMS.
  • NTRO outputs can be added to RMS, however they require the "unspecified" citation type in ORCID. RMS will transfer the citation verbatim into the RMS profile and the application PDF

Further help

For further information or help using the ARC RMS system, contact the Office of Research Grants team ( or the ARC RMS Helpdesk (

FAQs on the ARC website:

ARC User Guide to Research Outputs in RMS:

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