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Researcher Identifiers and your Online Research Profile

A guide to the various different researcher identifiers, and how to set up researcher identifiers, as well as managing your online research profile.

National Library Of Australia (NLA) Party Identifiers

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The party infrastructure was developed by the National Library of Australia as the People Australia Infrastructure to support the persistent identification of people or organisations.

Party records contributed to TROVE are assigned a persistent and public identifier, called the NLA party identifier. Trove enables the discovery of research data and other research outputs by persistently identifying researchers and research organisations. Trove builds the public information infrastructure about researchers and research organisations for everyone to use.

This development was supported by the Party Infrastructure Project (Jan 2010 to July 2012) funded by the Australian National Data Service (ANDS). The core aim of the Project was to adapt the National Library’s People Australia infrastructure so that the research sector could contribute and manage their party records and obtain NLA-issued persistent identifiers for their records about researchers and research organisations. The Project objective was to develop a sustainable infrastructure for publicly identifying parties (people and organisations) in the research sector.

Benefits of NLA Party Identifiers

The solution as provided through the party infrastructure is one identifier, issued by the NLA, e.g.

That is:

  • A public identifier
  • A persistent identifier
  • Managed in the public domain
  • Using public information
  • And is available in the NLA’s free public interface Trove 

Through the National Library’s Trove Party Infrastructure, different organisations can contribute a record about the same person or organisation and these records are grouped under the one identity record which has one NLA persistent identifier.

In this way, a public profile of the person or organisation is built up and has the potential to include all of their public identifiers and publications. Records from each contributor are kept whole and grouped, or co-located, under the one persistent identifier.

Status of NLA Party Identifiers...

Althought not widely used as of yet, NLA Party Identifiers will likely become widespread as system interoperability improves.  UniSC will keep abreast with new developments in this space.

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