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AGLC Referencing Guide

This guide provides basic information on footnotes and bibliographies using the AGLC (4th edition).


Endnote is a reference management software package that can be used to manage your references and bibliographies when writing your thesis or other academic text.  

Some features of Endnote include:-

  • Your references can be exported from many different databases (available through the library) including Google Scholar.
  • Endnote works with Microsoft Word, enabling you to insert citations as well as automatically create and update a Bibliography in your word document.
  • Endnote has many different reference styles that define the appearance of your citations and Bibliography.  The AGLC4 works with Endnote after downloading the correct reference styles and output table.

Important rules about Endnote

  • Endnote libraries are made up of two parts: the .enl file and the Data folder.  These two parts must always be kept together, as both are needed for the library to work correctly.
  • Keep only 1 main library rather than multiple Endnote libraries.
  • EndNote libraries should never be stored in cloud-syncing folders such as DropBox, OneDrive etc.  Syncing folders corrupt Endnote libraries.
  • Remember to back up your Endnote Library. Two backups are recommended.
  • Always back up before uninstalling the previous version of Endnote and updating to the latest version.
  • Endnote Library can be shared with other Endnote users through Endnote sync and Library sharing. 

AGLC4 and Endnote

Step 1 Adding the Legal Reference Types Table

This Legal Reference Table will allow you to select the relevant reference type when manually adding Australian cases and legislation references into Endnote.

  1. Open the Endnote program
  2. Download the Reference Types Table. Right click and select 'save link as'.
  3. Click on Edit > Preferences > Reference Types
  4. Import the Reference Types Table file that you downloaded.
  5. Click Open > Apply > Ok and close the Edit Preferences window. 

Help guides

For tips on using the AGLC Referencing style in Endnote, download the Endnote for Law: Referencing with Endnote using AGLC4. This guide was developed by the University of Sydney.

Download Endnote

It is strongly suggested that you keep all your references together in one main Endnote library. You may wish to organise your references into various groups that are aligned with your research.

Once you have downloaded Endnote it will create an Endnote library for you and place it in the Documents folder.

Adding the Endnote AGLC4 Style file

Step 2 Adding the Output Style

  1. Download the Endnote AGLC4 Style by right clicking on this link AGLC4 (UTS).
  2. Open Endnote.
  3. Open the downloaded file.
  4. The style window will open showing you details of the style.
  5. Click on File then Save As.
  6. Ensure the name of the style is listed as AGLC4(UTS) and select Save.
  7. If the AGLC style does not appear in your drop down list, simply choose Select Another Style to search the full list of styles available in Endnote.

Further information

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