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AGLC Referencing Guide

This guide provides basic information on footnotes and bibliographies using the AGLC (4th edition).

The Australian Guide to Legal Citation

The AGLC is a comprehensive referencing and footnote system for legal citations. It contains rules on the following:-

  1. The use of citations in the body of the page, using a superscript number
  2. A list of footnotes at the bottom of each page, for the citations on that page
  3. Detail on constructing a Bibliography.

If the AGLC does not contain a rule for a particular source you are using the guide suggests "users should attempt to adapt the closest fitting rule". See page xiii in the AGLC for more detail.

Why should I cite legal sources?

​Referencing or citing your sources is an important part of your academic writing. 

  • Citing your sources acknowledges the words/ideas of others if you use them in your work
  • Citing your sources provide authority for your arguments/discussion
  • Citing your sources avoids plagiarism
  • Citing your sources demonstrates your wide reading of literature in various legal areas
  • Citing your sources allows others to read your work and verify facts/information easily.

Referencing Sources

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