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Research Output Reporting

Information on USC reportable publication schemes.

Research Statement Guidelines

There are three keys stages in ensuring ERA Compliance of your NTRO. The Writing NTRO Research Statements guide offers more detailed perspective on each of these sections.

Abstract (250 words)

A description of the work as a piece of research. Articulate what you did, why you did it, what happened, what the results mean, what the work is good for, who benefits.

Research statement (250 words) – note three distinct sections of the research statement:

  • Research background - Note: the research field, the current state of knowledge and the research problem and question.
  • Research contribution - Note: key finding(s), what is new, innovative, of interest to and applicable by other practitioners/researchers.
  • Research significance - Provide evidence of gatekeeping, at point of funding or distribution. Provide evidence of impact and/or esteem measures.


Provide appropriate materials to enable the NTRO Assessment Panel to determine the type, form, qualities and scale of what they are assessing. This may range from short audio recordings, images, catalogue excerpts, reports, excerpts, or for time-based work, edited video highlights (less than five minutes). Be succinct.

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