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Graduate Skill - Applying Technology

Applying Technology Rubric

Program level criteria HD DN CR P FL
Based on Empowered - Application of tool/software


Skilfully and intuitively applies tool/software to create a robust, precise and functional product/artefact


Accurately applies tool/software to create a functional and reliable product/artefact.


Sufficiently applies tool/software to create a reliable product/artefact.


Applies tool/software to create a minimally viable product/artefact/outcome.


Inaccurately applies tool/software creating a non-functioning, imprecise or limited product/artefact/outcome.

Based on Empowered - Application of a framework/model

Systematic and skilful

Effective application of model/framework enhancing and bringing forward new ideas regarding professional experience and making recommendations about future practice and or applications.

Thorough and effective

Examines the connections and disconnections between framework/model and professional experience to draw thoughtful conclusions about practice.


Uses comparisons and knowledge of others to explain framework/model in the context of professional experience.


Uses key concepts of framework/model to explain professional experience and own perspective.

Conducts a basic/simplistic

Unable to draw simple conclusions due to inaccurate use of framework.

Based on Sustainability-Focussed - Evaluate outcomes/impacts (use of framework or method)

Skillful and insightful

The evaluation of impact using the chosen framework has enabled clear, concise, and accurate linkages across the data. The findings demonstrate a keen understanding of sustainability.

Effective and discerning

Use of the framework has allowed for new understandings and relationships to emerge. The framework was used to illicit a clear evaluation of outcomes/impacts.

Effective and coherent

Effective use of the framework is evident. Language, relationships between elements, and sequencing of data are all clear. Impacts are listed.

Competent and relevant

An appropriate evaluation framework has been chosen and described. Aspects of the problem have been identified and categorised within the noted framework.

Conducts a basic
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