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Graduate Skill - Collaboration

Collaboration Rubric

Program level criteria HD DN CR P FL
Based on Ethical - Demonstration of cultural humility – an ethical approach

Cultural humility in action

Recognises the power of self and others and seeks out ways to learn, understand and take leadership from others and other knowledge systems. Advancing ethical being by an integrated approach.

Practical wisdom

Reflects and acts justly with concern for others. Recognises origins of their own knowledge and how that might be different and may impact others. Demonstrates listening and recognition of the knowledge of others.

Care of others

Demonstrates care and concern for others and reflects on how personal actions or intentions may impact others – positively or negatively.

Recognition / awareness / cognizance

Recognises the power, experience, history, cultural difference between self and others and how that may impact communication and understanding.

Limited / unaware / unconscious
Based on Engaged - Understanding an interdisciplinary approach

Critical awareness

Reflects on the limitations and benefits of the contributions of each discipline and predicts expected outcomes. Reflects on the strengths and limitations of an interdisciplinary approach. Develops insight into how to work within an interdisciplinary framework acknowledging the role of feelings, interests and values.


Integrates distinct disciplinary expertise and perspectives to broaden/vary own perspective and/or acknowledge different viewpoints. Recognises this approach as multi- faceted and not compartmentalised with the capacity to connect ideas/ perspectives/approaches.

Disciplinary grounding

Identifies the appropriate disciplines required to form an expert interdisciplinary team and justifies the purpose for involvement.

Recognition of purpose

Recognises the need for an interdisciplinary approach and states a valid purpose for this approach.


Limited or fragmented understanding of an interdisciplinary approach and its purpose.

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