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Nutrition and Dietetics

A guide to quality information

What is this guide About?

This guide provides links to subject specific information.  To learn how to search for information, see the How to ...Guides.

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 Arm pushing aside unhealthy food in favour of healthy foods

Nature: special issue on the microbiome

Cutting edge advances in the rapidly expanding new field: the effect of gut flora on health. Very important for N&D.

Dietary restriction hypothesis

A new hypothesis on the effects of dietary restrition. A bit geeky, but fun nevertheless!

Margo I. Adler, Russell Bonduriansky, Why do the well-fed appear to die young? A new evolutionary hypothesis for the effect of dietary restriction on lifespan, BioEssays 2014. DOI: 10.1002/bies.201300165

Starting an Assessment

Before searching for information, make sure you understand the task.

1. Analyse the task to identify keywords and topics, then develop a search strategy

Look up
2. Find the meaning of words in a textbook or dictionary

3. Find academic books to broaden your knowledge of key concepts and terminology

4. Find academic journal articles and current research

5. Save the citation of any source you plan to use

Nutrition - what we know (very little)

Nutrition - What we know (very little) and what we will likely never know (a lot) about nutrition

>50minutes, but a worthwhile explanation of the use of evidence in nutrition. RECOMMENDED!

Notable research in nutrition

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