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Legislation Citation


A legislation citation consists of up to 3 elements and follows the order of name, jurisdiction and sometimes a pinpoint section or regulation number.

Details to include are: Short title or long title if there is no short title (in italics); year (in italics); jurisdiction abbreviation (in round brackets) and section/s (if applicable).

Legislation citation

Finding Legislation from a Citation

Step1. Ascertain the jurisdiction

The jurisdiction is indicated by an abbreviation in brackets at the end of the citation.

example: No 12 of 2008 (Qld) - Jurisdiction is Queensland

example: Copyright Act 1968 (Cth) - Jurisdiction is Commonwealth of Australia

Step 2. Decide if the citation is to an Act as Passed, or to a Reprint

If the citation is in this format:  No 12 of 2008 (Qld) it is an Act as Passed

If the citation is in this format: Copyright Act 1968 (Cth) it is most likely a Reprint

However a recent Act cited by its short tile e.g. Tattoo Parlours Act 2013 (Qld) could refer to an Act as Passed. If the Act has not been amended  it will only exist as an Act as Passed.

Step 3. Find the Act online or in hard copy on the library shelves

Hint: Different jurisdictions and websites may use different terminology for Acts as Passed and Reprints


Also known as

Acts as Passed

Acts as Made, Numbered Acts, Sessional Acts, Statutes


Acts in Force, Act Compilations, Current Acts

Legislation online-Commonwealth and Qld

Act as Passed (Queensland) example: No.12 of 2008 (Qld)

Go to OQPC > Acts as Passed. Select 2008 to find a table of Acts as Passed for that year, listed in order of the Act number. Locate Act No. 12.

Click on the title of the Act to open the text as it was when first passed by parliament.

Reprint (Queensland) example: Family Services Act 1987 (Qld)

Go to OQPC > Current Acts.

Navigate through the alphabet to locate the Family Services Act 1987 and click on the Act title to view the full text. Note the Reprint number and currency on the title page. The Reprint contains amendments and is current up to the “as in force on ..” date. From 2013 electronic reprints show only a date (no reprint number). See Information about reprints on the OQPC website.

Act as Passed (Commonwealth) examples:

Go to Federal Register of Legislation

For an Act as Passed citation like this: No.55 of 1974 (Cth) select Acts > Numbered Acts by year. Click 1974 to see a list of Acts which were passed by parliament in that year. Locate Act No.55 of 1974 in the list.

For an Act as Passed from a citation like this: Freedom of Information Act 1982 (Cth) select Acts > As Made A-Z then navigate the alphabet to find the Act by title.

Reprint (Commonwealth) example: Freedom of Information Act 1982 (Cth)

Go to Federal Register of Legislation > Acts in force > then navigate the alphabet, and click on the Act title to open the current compilation of the Freedom of Information Act 1982. The Australia symbol with a red tick Comlaw authorisation symbol indicates that this online version of the Act is authoritative.

Act compilations in the Federal Registor of Legislation do not have a Reprint number but you should always check the currency date on the title page of the compilation when you open it.

 Freedom of Information Act

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