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Collaboration and Impact

Collaboration indicates the extent to which a researcher’s output have international, national or institutional co-authorship, and single authorship. 

Each publication is assigned to one of four collaboration types based on its affiliation information:

  • International
  • National
  • Institutional
  • Single authorship.

A single publication may display each of international, national and institutional collaboration based on affiliation information, but a single collaboration type is assigned to ensure that the sum of the publications across all four categories adds up to 100%.

The Collaboration metric is useful for exploring the extent of international and other types of collaboration, and provides a method for benchmarking collaboration between researchers of similar fields or disciplines. 

Collaboration Impact indicates the citation impact of publications with particular types of geographical collaboration.

Collaboration Impact metrics are useful for benchmarking the average influence of publications with particularly types of geographical collaboration and to compare the collaborative citation impact of researchers in similar fields or disciplines.  It can also demonstrate benefits from establishing and maintaining collaborations.

The most common tools for calculating Collaboration and Impact are...

  • SciVal

Collaboration and Impact in SciVal

Connect to SciVal (if you haven't already, you will need to set up an account with an email and password).

  1. Click on the Overview module
  2. Click on either Institutions and Groups or Researchers and Groups 
  3. Select the institution, group or researcher you wish to search 
  4. Select the date range and/or subject area
  5. Click on the Collaboration tab                                           
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