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Endnote (online version)

Manage your references and format reference lists in Word documents.

EndNote Online Groups

You can organize your references into "groups" and create as many groups as you want.

Groups are listed on the left side of window under the My References tab. A master group called All My References will always appear at the top of the groups list. If you delete a reference from this master group it will also disappear from any other groups that contain it. References can be moved into more than one group. Use the check box next to references and then use the tools at the top of the page to move references.

If you synchronize with an installed full Endnote Library, your Online groups will mirrror those in your existing library. When you start with EndNote Online (and not the desktop version of Endnote), you have one group "Unfiled", which is a catch-all group. In some cases, when you import references from databases, they will go into "Unfiled", so it's a good idea to check it regularly for new entries that you may want to move into your other groups.

Organization should always be done in a way that makes sense to you. A common strategy is to make a group for each topic that you search for. Once you start writing your paper, make a separate group for the references you actually use, so that you can easily find them. You might also make groups by assignment or by course code.

You can change or delete groups at any time.

Endnote Online Groups

Share references

You can allow others to see any groups of references you choose. This is useful if you are doing a group assignment.

To allow others to view and use your groups:

  1. Hover over "Organize" then click "Manage my groups"
  2. Check box next to relevant group name and press "Manage sharing"
  3. Click "Start sharing this group"
  4. Insert email addresses of those you want to have access to the group
  5. Note the choice of "Read only" or "Read & Write" privileges. R&W privileges will allow your friends to add and edit references in that group.

Under "Organize", the "Other's groups" link shows you other people's groups that you have access to:

  1. Click the "Show" box to list it on your MyReferences page
  2. If you check the "Use for Cite while you write" box, you can insert references directly into Word documents you are writing. This can be very useful if you are jointly writing a paper.
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