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Endnote X9

Reference management software for your research

Is Endnote for Me?

Endnote is for researchers and HDR and Honours students and students whose final year course involves a major research project. 
Researchers and higher degree students should contact their liaison librarian for an Endnote introduction and for support.

Endnote is not supported for undergraduate and coursework students.

Quick Steps to Get Started with Endnote at UniSC

  1. Download  Endnote via the Useful Links list on this page. UniSC users should not obtain the software from any other source.
  2. Install the program using prompts. We recommend standard installation settings (don't customise). Update the software with any update patches recommended by Endnote when you see a prompt message.
  3. Set your Full-Text Preferences by following the instructions on the "Find Full-Text" tab at the left of this page . You only have to do this once on each machine.
  4. Watch the short introductory video on this page (there is a Windows one and a Mac one).
  5. Practise the major functions mentioned in the video. After you have some familiarity with the main functions we recommend you watch the longer video on this page as well. 

Endnote Quick Start

Useful Links

What is EndNote?

EndNote is a bibliographic citation manager

What does that mean?

A bibliographic citation is any reference to a book, journal article, video, or other source that you might use in an academic paper or article. EndNote allows you to manage those citations by saving, organizing, and formatting them into a bibliography or reference list in your thesis, publication or assignment.

What will it do for me?

  • Imports sets of references found in database searches
  • Provides a place to keep unlimited number of article references associated pdfs, charts, illustrations etc along with its  abstract and research notes
  • Inserts references into your thesis or publication and automatically formats them in the style you have chosen

What won't it do?

  • It won't teach you how to reference correctly; you need to know how to do that before using any citation manager
  • It won't make a correct reference if you enter incorrect data, or enter it in the wrong place

Should I use it?

  • If you are doing research and handling lots of references, you should be using Endnote!
  • Endnote is a computer program and it does take time to learn and gain proficiency so you should do some training before using it. (Personal support is provided to staff, honours and postgrads only).
  • It is most likely to be useful to researchers writing a thesis or preparing publication with substantial numbers of references.
  • Undergraduate students who want to use a citation manager should consider using EndnoteOnline as it is web based and you can teach yourself to use it. However they may use Endnote on campus PCs if they wish.

ENDNOTE is available for Windows, and Mac desktops and laptops.

Mac users: OS10.14 (Mojave) or later required to run Endnote X9.

An iPad app is available from the AppStore for free.

There is no app for Android devices.

UniSC EndNote Training Resources

EndNote X9 for Windows: The Short (advanced) Course

Learn EndNote FAST. This is a very quick but thorough coverage of EndNote's main features.  It covers some advanced features not covered in this Guide and is most suitable for more advanced users.(Duration 22:47)

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