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MoHA 2015: Capacity Building in Research

This Guide has been created to support the 2015 program “Strengthening Research Capacity to Enhance Democracy, Decentralised Governance and Development” for officials of Indonesian Ministry of Home Affairs.

Public Administration

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JQ21‑6651 Political institutions and public administration, Africa, Australia, Pacific Area, etc.)
JQ21‑1852 Asia
JQ200‑620 India
JQ1070‑1199 Central Asia Including former republics of the Soviet Union
JQ1499‑1749 East Asia Including China, Japan, Korea
JQ1758‑1852 Middle East >Including Turkey, Iran, Israel, Arabian Peninsula
JQ1850 Arab countries
JQ1852 Islamic countries
JQ1870‑3981 Africa
JQ3981.5‑3986.7 Atlantic Ocean islands
JQ3995‑6651 Australia, New Zealand, Pacific Ocean islands
JS39‑8500 Local government, Municipal government
JS55‑68 History
JS141‑163 Executive branch. Mayor
JS171 Legislative branch
JS221‑227 Elections. Local elections. Municipal elections
JS241‑271 Local government other than municipal
JS300‑1583 United States
JS1701‑1800 Canada
JS1840‑2058.9 West Indies, Caribbean Area
JS2101‑2143 Mexico
JS2145‑2219 Central America
JS2300‑2778 South America
JS3000‑6949.89 Europe
JS6950‑7520 Asia
JS7510 Arab countries
JS7520 Islamic countries
JS7525‑7819.9 Africa
JS7820‑7827.9 Atlantic Ocean islands
JS7900‑7906.9 Indian Ocean islands
JS8001‑8490.9 Australia, New Zealand, Pacific Ocean islands
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