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Corporate and Partnership Law

LAW303 A focus on companies incorporated under the Corporations Act 2001 (Cth).

Halsbury's Laws of Australia - Legal Encyclopaedia

In Halsbury's Laws of Australia under the heading Corporations the following information is available 

Corporations - Introduction

Nature and characteristics of a Corporation; Types of; Common Law Powers; Early companies and Coporations; Development of Company Law in England; Modern English Corporations Legislation; Development of Corporate Law in Australia; National Scheme; Intepretation; Classification of Companies; Distinction between Companies and other organisations.

Constitution of Companies

Incorporation and Registration of Companies; Legal Capacity and powers of a Company; Corporate Constitution; Promoters; Pre-Registration contracts

Capital and Membership

Share Captial; Membership; Shares and their transfer

Internal Administration of Corporations

Company Officers; Company meetings; Oppressive conduct of affairs; Financial Reports; Audit; Foregin Corporations; No Liability Companies

External Administration

Arrangements and reconstructions of companies; Corporate Receives and Managers; Administration of a company;s affairs; Winding up of a company by the court; Voluntary winding up of a company; Deregistration and reinstatement of companies; Winding up of other bodies; External administration offences

Takeovers and Acquisitions

Structure of the Legislative scheme; Purposes of the legislation; scheme of the legislation; Off-Market bids; Market bids; Bids generally; Compulsory acquisitions and buy-outs; Disclosure of relevant interests in securities; Administration

Financial Services and Markets

Securities and disclosure regime; Financial products other than securities and disclosure; Licensed financial markets; Licensing of Providers of Financial Services; Conduct of Financial services business; National guarantee fund and approved compensation regimes; Misconduct in relation to financial products and financial services; Managed investments; Futures; Options

Corporate and Commercial Law Journals

Laws of Australia - Legal Encyclopaedia

Using Laws of Australia under the heading Business Organisations access the following information

Company Formation

Introduction; Company As Corporation; Corporate Capacity; Promotion and Formation; Classification of Companies; Corporate Constitution

Company Management

Introduction; Meetings; Role and Powers of Company Directors; Duties of Directors; Shareholders' Actions against Company Controllers; Financial Reports and Audits

Company Finance

Introduction; Equity Finance; Dividends on Shares; Debt Finance; Registration of Charges; Holding of Company Securities

Receivers and Managers

Introduction; Appointment of Receiver; Powers of Receivers; Duties and Liabilities of Receivers; Effect of Receivership

Company Reorganization

Introduction; Reorganisation of Capital; Share Buy-backs; Schemes of Arrangement; Voluntary Administration

Company Takeovers

Introduction; Takeovers and Regulatory Policy; Central Concepts; Exempt Acquisitions; Off-market Bids; Market Bids; Target Company's Response; General Requirements of Takeover Bids; Compulsory Acquisition; Powers of Australian Securities and Investments Commission, Takeovers Panel and Court; Disclosure of Shareholdings; Implications for Takeovers under Other Legislation; Insider Trading

Company Winding Up

Introduction; Voluntary Winding Up; Compulsory Winding Up: Grounds and Applicants; Compulsory Winding Up: Creditors' Application; Compulsory Winding Up: Contributory's Application; Commencement and Impact of Winding Up; Liquidators; Property Available for Division and Distribution; Discovery, Recovery and Division of Assets; Discharging Debts and Liabilities; Termination of Winding Up; Winding Up and Jurisdictional Issues

Non-corporate Organisations

Introduction; Parnerhsips; Non-profit Associations; Not-for-Profit Entities; Joint Ventures; Managed Investment Schemes: Introduction and Concepts; Managed Investment Schemes and Changes in Regulation of Public Unit Trusts

Financial Services Regulation

Introduction; Concepts and Institutions; Regulating Market Actors; Regulating Primary Markets; Regulating Secondary Markets; Prohibited Conduct on Financial Markets; Public Regulators

CCH Intelliconnect - Corporations Law

Australian Company Law Cases

Full text of Australian company & securities law decisions (including decisions of the Takeovers Panel & selected overseas cases) from 1971onwards.

Australian Corporate, Company and Securities Law Tracker

Contains concise news items relating to: legislative developments (Corporations Act, ASIC Act, Foreign Acquisitions and Takeovers Act, National Consumer Credit Protection Act, and related acts and regulations) regulatory developments (ASIC, ASX, Takeovers Panel, FIRB)...

Australian Company Law Commentary

A definitive guide to the Corporations Act 2001 & related legislation, with an emphasis on practical commentary.

Australian Corporations Court Rules

Provides the text of the rules practitioners require when taking Corporations Act 2001 matters to court.

Australian Corporations Legislation

Formation, Formalities, Terms, Factors Vitiating Formation, Privity Assignment and Agency, Performance Breach Discharge, Remedies, Illegality and Public Policy, Drafting.


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