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Property A

LAW205 Introduces the concepts of real and personal property law in Australia.

Property Law - Legislation - Westlaw

When searching for Property Law legislation in Westlaw access to the Conveyancing Manual Qld contains the following sections.

  • Land Sales Act 1984
  • Land Title Act 2010 (extracts)
  • Land title Act 1994 (extracts)
  • Property Law Act 1974 (extracts)
  • Queensland Heritage Act 1974 (extracts)
  • Building Act 1975 (extracts)
  • Neighbourhood Disputes (Dividing Fences and Trees) Act 2011 (extracts)

Property Law - Legislation - CCH

When looking for Property Law Legislation CCH covers the jurisdictions of New South Wales, Victoria and Queensland under the heading Conveyancing & Property Law. The database also includes information on Commercial Leasing, Strata Schemes, cases, commentary and newsletters.

  • New South Wales Conveyancing Legislation
  • Queensland Conveyancing Law Legislation
  • Victorian Conveyancing Legislation

Property Law - Legislation - Lexis Advance

When searching for Property Law legislation in Lexis Advance  LawNow contains legislation across all jurisdictions in Australia. Here are some of the sections available.

  • Property Law Act 1958
  • Property Law Act 1969
  • Property Law Act 1974
  • Property Law Fees Regulations 2004
  • Property Law Registration of Instruments Regulations 1992
  • Property Law Regulation 2013
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