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Constitutional Law

LAW301 Examine the law-making powers of the Commonwealth and Queensland parliaments with particular emphasis on the Commonwealth.

Halsbury's Laws of Australia - Legal Encyclopaedia

Using Halsbury's Laws of Australia (Lexis Advance) the following sections are covered under Constitutional Law.

Constitutional Law Chapter

Constitutional Law - Introduction Australian constitutional law derives from a variety of sources: the Commonwealth Constitution, the Statute of Westminster, the Australia Acts...

The Parliaments The Commonwealth Parliament, in which the Commonwealth Constitution vests the legislative power of the Commonwealth, consists of the Queen...

Legislative Powers

The Commonwealth Constitution (the ‘Constitution’) establishes a federal system of government for Australia. Under this system the power to legislate for the Australian community has been divided between the Commonwealth Parliament and the State Parliaments...

Executive Governments

The office of the Crown pervades Australia’s constitutional structures. ...

Judicial Power

The Commonwealth Constitution devotes a separate chapter, Chapter III, to ‘The Judicature’. Under that chapter...

Finance and Trade

The Commonwealth Constitution effects a division of taxation powers between the Commonwealth and the States. ..

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The Laws of Australia - Legal Encyclopaedia

Using The Laws of Australia (Westlaw) under the subject of Government the following sections are covered on the Constitution.

Constitutional Law - Introduction, Constitutional Foundations, Australian Constitutional Principles, Approaches to Constitutional Interpretation, Standing in Constitutional Cases, Jurisdiction in Constitutional Cases.

Legislature - Introduction, Constitution, Composition, Privileges and Immunities, Power, Delegation of Legislative Power

Executive - Introduction, Structure, Executive Authority

Judiciary - Introduction, Constitution of the Judiciary, Separation of Judicial Power, Definiton of Judicial Power of the Commonwealth

Federal Constitutional System - Introduction, Framework for Federal Distribution of Legislative Power, Section 51 Powers, 4 Section 52 Exclusive Powers, Legislative Power in Respect of Territories. Federal Fiscal and Economic Framework, Federal Distribution of Judicial Power, Federal Judicial Structure

Constitutional Guarantees & Rights  Introduction; Guarantees under the Commonwealth Constitution; Guarantees under State and Territory Constitutions

Practice & Procedure  Introduction; Procedure in Constitutional Cases; Nature of relief; Consequences of invalidity; Costs

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