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Reference management software for your research

Manual entry methods

Have all the details of your reference in front of you:

Type your reference in:

  1. At the top of the Endnote screen click the "New reference" icon (or Ctrl-N; or from top menu bar: References>New Reference)
  2. Choose the correct Reference template from the long list. Warning: this is not always as easy as it sounds. Note the difference between Book and Edited Book, or Journal article and Electronic article.
  3. Enter the data into all relevant fields. Note: You do not have to fill every field, but there is lots of room here for your research notes, extra keywords and much more that might (or not) be useful.
  4. When Saved, the reference will be in your library and ready to use.


Copy and paste from a reference list or bibliography, a database, or even direct from a pdf. Follow the instructions above to open a new reference and then paste the data into relevant fields. Note: This method is quite clumsy and time consuming in Endnote as formatting of the original will also be preserved (This is undesirable as it carries across when inserted into your Word documents. You will need to use "Plain font and Plain text' reformatting options to correct it.)

Typing in the data is often just as fast, but copy-and-paste may be more accurate with long complex titles and with special characters.

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