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TPP111 Business Study Skills

For written instructions on how to find information, see the How to Guides. Also see the Business Subject Guides

Module 2 Session 4: Informatics and globalisation (week 7)

This session covers a broad range of concepts within informatics (or Information Communication Technology [ICT]). Topics include:

  • Supply Chain Management
  • Logistics
  • Dashboards / data visualization
  • big data
  • data analytics

The text referred to for technology is Turban, Volonino and Wood (2015). There are other Course readings in Canvas.

For your Task 2 business report

You do NOT need to address all of these options.  You can choose to pick Supply Chain Management, OR any of the others from the list on the left.  Do your company research first, and see which will be the easiest to find out more information about, THEN go looking for business theory that may go some way to supporting or evidencing their use (or lack of use).

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