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TPP111 Business Study Skills

For written instructions on how to find information, see the How to Guides. Also see the Business Subject Guides

Sharp's ebook: 'Marketing: theory, evidence, and practice'

In the Course reading guide, Byron Sharp's ebook is available to you. 

This book offers a broad introduction to concepts discussed in this session's lecture.  You can use it as a base for finding out more.

TIP: When you use it online you can highlight and annotate information, and because it is attached to your login, when you return any highlighting and notes will still be there.  Bonus!

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What can you do with this?

In this session's lecture, we looked at some basic marketing concepts, such as

  • the marketing mix
    • product, price, place, promotion
  • target segmentation
  • product differentiation

When you investigate your ASX-listed company can you evidence any of these (or other aspects of marketing if you are feeling adventurous!). For example, how does your chosen company use an element of the marketing mix, say 'promotion'?  What is promotion and how do they demonstrate it in their business?  Or, how do they differentiate their product from others in the marketplace?  Use Sharp's ebook to be sure you have a resource to support any definitions or explanations, and use the investor database/s to find out about the company use.

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