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Research skills tutorial

Your guide to success!

Step 1.2 Identifying limits to a search

Your topic will have limits.

You need to work out what words may limit your search, as this will help you form an effective strategy to find information.

The most common limits are:

  • Time - limits your research to the most recent results or a particular time period (e.g. the last two years)
  • Location - limits your research to a particular location or region (e.g. Australia or Queensland)


Your research may be limited by demographics to a portion of the population (e.g. age group, gender, education), or by Industry (e.g. media, construction, aged care).  You may need a particular type of information such as statistics or product reviews.

You may need to find information that has been peer reviewed.  At USC, you are often required to find scholarly or academic sources.


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